Accountability and motivation backed by a robust reward system for struggling fitness enthusiasts

FLEXP is a case study that entices users to track their workouts in order to earn rewards both in-app and in real life. Our research determined individuals often lack accountability when it comes to their health and wellness and desire a refreshing idea in achieving milestones. This collaboration was based on users’ needs for accountability and motivation.

UX/UI Designer
3 Weeks
Paul Batin
Brice Morrison
Sarah Noor


People want to achieve their goals, but often find it difficult to be efficient, stay motivated and lack sufficient time...


How can we inspire users to achieve their milestones in a encouraging environment?
By offering incentives for hard work, adding a competitive element and a chance to track data we are promoting progress for individuals to improve their lives.  


Three paths of discovery leading research

With the intention of finding what would benefit those with insufficient with time, we wanted to assess how an individual can stay motivated when performing strenuous activity. Moving forward, we established three objectives.

Find out what typically motivates a user to do tasks they lack enthusiasm for.
Understand the user's thought process in how they get activities done when lacking motivation.
Success metrics
Understand the detrimental impacts on a person's sense of accomplishment, and how they measure success.

Insightful information

With objectives in place, we produced qualitative data through interviews and google surveys to gain insight on underlying issues regarding time and motivation. Below demonstrates the key insights from our data:

Sources of motivation
Individuals find different ways to feel inspired: from affirmations, support, rewards and seeing their journey thus far.
My process
Everyone has their own means of reaching goals: trying to beat previous metrics, doing things because they feel they have to or overcoming obstacles leading to confidence.
Most people lack the time or resources to stay consistent with chasing their goals, fear disappointment or vary motivation on certain tasks.

Who we are designing for

We discovered that a lot of people despise complacency but often face obstacles blocking them from goals. It's essential to create methods that continuously inspire users to pursue their goals while adeptly managing their time. The persona we created focuses on an individual lacking time. We wanted this app design to relate to individuals who work long hours, crave routine and want to take control of their health.

Definition & Ideation

Features fitness beginners or veterans could appreciate

After running the surveys and interviews I started brainstorming ideas to what features we wanted our app design to have. The three categories created social integrations, motivations and tracking/rewards. Utilizing a feature prioritization matrix eliminated efforts toward ambitious features with high complexity and integrate those with high impact.


Tracking progress and rewards
To improve motivation we allow users to earn real rewards as well as level up.


Dashboard displaying fitness journey
All history at a glance, you could view your 'EXP' points earned, activity, weight and caloric metrics.


Avatar creation and leaderboard
Correlated with the rewards system, we give users a chance to unlock avatar customizations to which could be used to alter their leaderboard cards.


Importing activity to earn points
Viewing top categories could motivate users to increase metrics in other forms of exercise, we want users to track as much exercise as possible to level up even faster.

User Flow

Since our app was designed for fitness, we thought it best to include multiple inputs and decisions. We had to consider the possibility of connectivity with smart devices as well to track workouts.

FLEXP user flow


Developing the interface

Building the experience

Importing user workouts and data, leaderboards, an avatar and rewards system are the key frames the design focuses on. With all ideas in place I moved toward creating a tangible yet realistic design.

Digital wireframing
Carevan user flow
Low fidelity frames
FLEXP lofi
mid fidelity flow example
FLEXP user flow

Testing for usability

By creating tasks we could determine any means of improvement to further improve user experience on our app.

Task 1
After completing the onboarding process, find the rewards panel to see what is your next prize.
Task 2
From the dashboard, reach the activities screen to import a workout.

Opportunity for improvements

Through testing the lo-fi prototype we discovered ways to increase efficiency. Surprising, excessively minimal interfaces could provide issues with navigation.

Minimal bento-box styling was praised amongst testers
Destinations were easy to reach during trial runs
All users were able to complete tasks, however they navigated slow
Users desired more information on the dashboard and depth to the bento boxes
Iconography wasn't recognizable, hard to navigate

Iterating changes based off testing

Key changes to the prototypes prioritized navigation, the rewards system and social implementations. We predict that a social integration of a friend and leaderboard system would allow people to connect and share their progress with others.

FLEXP iteration

High-Fidelity Prototype

The design of the app features easy to reach navigational points that allow users to find their destination efficiently. Selected pages could only be accessed from certain screens to eliminate an overwhelming amount of information and excessive branching out points. With the amount of content we have to display on the app, it would have been a nightmare condensing all access points from just the dashboard.

Prototype Flow 1Prototype flow 2


Final thoughts and future iterations

The concept of an app to reward individuals to stay motivated is a genuine gesture towards those lacking time and inspiration. However truth be told, without smart watch or third-party app integrations it is difficult to prove integrity. The avatar feature is also an ambitious design choice with our intended 3D modeling. On that note, this project was incredibly fun and came with a ton of ideas back and forth between the team. Given more time, the high-fidelity prototype would be further improved and more intricacies in the interface would be redefined.

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