Paul is a designer driven by crafting meaningful experiences and finding intuitive solutions for everyday complications. 

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UX/UI Project



Intragroup itinerary planning with allocated costs

UX/UI Project



Accountability backed by a robust reward system

bunny world foundation home screen

UX/UI Redesign


Bunny World

Navigational tools, hierarchy with an emphasis on human-centric


Life imitates art

Designer, creator and convergent thinker.

I'm a recent graduate from the University of California, Irvine's UX/UI program, prior to this I studied web development at Long Beach City College.  

When I remember my youth I could only recall what joy it was to produce art. There was a sense of human connection when peers would admire drawings I produced or crafts I built in art classes. As time passed I developed a love for interaction and a curiosity in the complexity of why others were drawn to such personal expression. Applying what I feel about great art and design towards my creative process allows me to expand on ways to improve the lives of many, invaluably- as it allows me to approach my work with the intent of finding deeper purpose to improve lives, holistically. By bringing genuine authenticity I want to make an impact through compelling story telling and meaningful brand development all while designing human-centric projects.

When I'm not designing, you can catch me hitting the gym, going for a run or riding my bike. Aside from sounding like a total masochist I also love to thrift, paint or draw, take photos, make music and attend music festivals. It's all about making the most of your life so might as well try to learn and do everything you can!

Create Experiences

As described by Don Norman, great designers produce pleasurable experiences. Conceptually the experience is critical in creating designs that would not detract users from returning. By focusing on user friendly flows, responsive projects and redefining current interfaces- there are ways you can improve human interaction.

The eye

There is art all around us. Through fashion, magazines, interiors or in our media. Exceptional designs can find inspiration from one's personal desire to learn more about the world. Great taste is acquired and can be attained by an appreciation of your environment and the objects occupying it.

Work Horse

Through my experience working on the web there is an aptitude one must have towards learning. I believe in integrity through hard work and striving to produce high quality results. Though I lack years of experience, I believe skills are often proven through your work.


You are a culmination of those you have surrounding you. By creating a team and following mentors of like-minded individuals you can gradually build the tools for success and encourage growth encompassing you.

Want to know more?

How do I approach user research?

Every detail counts and that's the significance of taking the time to evaluate pain points that user's deal with in order to uncover work that offers invaluable improvement. My main focus involves creating a strong research plan that establishes objectives, which in turn provide insight onto what iterations the projects should prioritize.

How do I create my interface designs?

In my experience with interface design I seek to balance aesthetics with an emphasis on human-centered usability. I contemplate ways to efficiently create iterations that would eliminate issues or increase the performance of user flows. It is key that functions have clarity and elements are precise with their intended purposes.

What about web development experience?

As a developer it is always exciting to create beyond limits. Given the current webspace, there is innovation in learning all there is to the possibilities of web design. I pride myself in creating aesthetic web experiences while ensuring that all work is responsive. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while also having an understanding of working with databases with PHP and MySQL.

What softwares do I work with?

With design I use Figma. For code I use Visual Studio, Webflow and Github. I have knowledge of working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom.

Trust the Process

Taking the first step

Before we progress with design, we must establish goals, ideal users and pain points. This suggests we can elaborate any fine details that you might have overlooked with previous work and finding any means of improvement.

Thinking "outside the box"

We define the problem and suggest potential solutions. Critical and convergent thinking is crucial prior to planning out design work. Taking time here is the key to success.

Human centric aesthetic

Designs are created that would improve user experience, these would run through tests that lead to iterations based on results from each round of evaluations. We work from wireframes, transitioning into the low-fidelity through high-fidelity prototypes.

Alas, our time has come

We all wish we could do more or make potential changes, however given specific time frames; perfectionism is ever fleeing. Granted, all deliverables defined in our contract will be received.

Let's Connect

art is solving problems that cannot be formulated before they have been solved. the shaping of the question is part of the answer. —piet hien